A. M. Rose

Who is A.M. Rose? That's a great question and one that can’t be answered without a very large cup of coffee.

*Runs off and comes back with a steaming mug.*

There, that’s better.

To start, Ann grew up in California, lived in Florida for eight years and now resides in Texas with her husband, two boys and three (yes, three) cats.

By day, she is a Domestic CEO. (Yes, she came up with the title.) By night, she is a writer of young adult novels, literary agency intern, avid reader, critiquer, (is that even a word?) and trampoline enthusiast.

When Ann isn’t writing, she is SnapChatting, keeping up on social media, and dreaming up ways to "kill her darlings."

Ann is a graduate from San Diego State University with a BA in Communication and a minor in underwater basket weaving. (Okay, maybe not the basket weaving part.)


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